My child has no theatre experience. Will s/he be OK in the program?
Absolutely! CLASSIC KIDS is designed to accommodate students of all abilities and levels of experience.

Do students eat lunch at CLASSIC KIDS?
Yes! Students will have a half-hour lunch break each day. Please pack a healthy lunch and a water bottle, as well as a few extra snacks for breaks throughout the day.

Does your program do a full-length show at the end of each session?

One of the things that sets CLASSIC KIDS apart from other programs is our focus on process, not product. Rather than mounting yet another junior version of an "old warhorse" musical, where one student gets the lead and the rest are trees or orphans, CLASSIC KIDS presents a final showcase, tailored to the individual abilities of participating students. Instead of allowing the costumes, makeup and scenery to take center stage, we focus on creating a unique presentation that demonstrates the many new skills that students have explored during the session.

My child can only attend one week of the two week session. Can s/he still participate? Our goal is to help students feel successful in the cumulative two-week curriculum. We have found that students who participate in only one week often feel either left out or unable to catch up. In certain instances, veteran students may miss a week on a case-by-case basis, but it is not recommended.

Can students of this age really perform Shakespeare? Isn't that a bit "over their heads"? Never underestimate the mind of a child! You will be amazed by what is accomplished in just two short weeks. We encourage you to talk to returning CLASSIC KIDS families and to read some of the reviews on our Facebook page

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