“I know from whence this same device proceeds: May this be borne?” – Titus Andronicus (IV.iv)

It is the Mission of Long Island Classics Stage Company to present meaningful performances and entertainments not only to entertain but to explore pertinent ideas and questions that may build and strengthen our community and its individuals with greater awareness within an environmentally sound and sustainable context. The Long Island Classics Stage Company will conduct itself in ways that promote respect for everyone and provide a safe platform from which artists, educators, and instructors may creatively and uniquely express their concepts and ideas. The Long Island Classics Stage Company will strive to inspire the desire for learning, for the development of ideas, and for the exploration of cultures and community through Educational Outreach programs. Our classes will be designed to motivate students toward the pursuit of truth and artistic excellence, to prepare them for future artistic opportunities and service to the performing arts and the world. The faculty within the Long Island Classics Stage Company will teach in ways that empower, enable, encourage, and endeavor to understand the wants, needs, and challenges that face people of all ages.

Long Island Classics Stage Company - Centerport, NY
In residence at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church


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